All posters will be on boards from 17.00 on September 25th until 12.00 on September 28th.


Wednesday, September 25th


15.00-17.00    14th International Chromatography School


Chair persons: T. Bolanča, N. Avdalović

15.00-15.45     J. Weiss (S1): Isocratic vs. Gradient Elution in Ion Chromatography

15.45-16.30  M. Boras (S2): UltraPerformance Convergence Chromatography: Expanding Selectivity for the Chromatographic Laboratory


16.30               Opening ceremony


Session 1

Chair persons: T. Bolanča, B. Buszewski

17.00-17.25     A. Tishbee (L1): Applying the High Efficiency and Unique Selectivity of Super Critical Fluid Chromatography (SFC)-MS, UPLC-MS, and GC-MS, in Plant Metabolomics

17.25-17.50     R.M. Sample (L2): Instrumental Assistance in the Transfer of Methods between Different HPLC/UHPLC systems

17.50-18.15  I. Klebovich (L3): Biomedical Aspects of Preclinical and Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism Research


Commercial presentations (alphabetical order)

18.15-18.30   AlphaChrom (golden sponsor)

18.30-18.45   Instrumentalia Adria (golden sponsor)

18.45-19.00   Kemolab (golden sponsor)


19.00-21.00    Welcome party



ThUrsday, September 26th


Session 2

Chair persons: P. Jandera, W. Buchberger

08.30-08.55     B. Buszewski (L4): New Generation of Functionalised Stationary Phases for Ion Chromatography (IC)

08.55-09.20    N. Avdalović (L5): GlycanPac AXH-1 Columns for the High-Resolution Separation and Analysis of Glycans

09.20-9.45      J. Weiss (L6): High-Pressure Ion Chromatography – A New Platform for High Resolution or High Throughput Separations of Ionic Compounds

09.45-10.10     W. Goessler (L7): The Role of Liquid Chromatography Coupled to ICPMS for Arsenic Speciation Analysis

10.10-10.35   S. Studzińska (L8): The Study of Oligonucleotides Retention by High Performance Liquid Chromatography


10.35-11.00     Coffee break


Session 3

Chair persons: D. Berek, G. Bonn

11.00-11.25     P. Jandera (L9): New Monolithic Poly(Methacrylate) Columns for Reversed-Phase and Aqueous Normal-Phase Separation of Low-Molecular Compounds in 1D and 2D HPLC

11.25-11.50   T. Welsch (L10): Flow Rate Caused Selectivity Changes of Serially Coupled Columns in HPLC

11.50-12.15     I. Vovk (L11): HPLC and HPTLC of the Major Dietary Carotenoids

11.15-12-40    F. Cacciola (L12) Advanced Liquid Chromatography Techniques for the Screening of the Lipid Molecules in Food

12.40-13.05     A. Albreht (L13): Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry as a Tool for the Characterization of Interactions between Shikonin and β-Lactoglobulin


13.05-14.00     Lunch break


15.00-24.00     Excursion. Symposium dinner.



FRIDAy, September 27th

morning sessions


Session 4

Chair persons: N. Avdalović, M. Petrović

08.30-08.55    P. Sandra (L14): Analytical Aspects of Bringing a Biopharmaceutical to the Market

08.55-09.20     G.K. Bonn (L15): Novel Advancements in Chromatographic Applications for the Enrichment and Separation of Biomolecules

09.20-09.45     D. Corradini (L16): Role of the Liquid Phase on the Separation of Biomolecules by HPLC and Capillary Electrophoresis: Fundamental and Practical Aspects

09.45-10.10     Ž. Debeljak (L17): Establishment of the Correct Diagnosis by Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry

10.10-10.35    M. Cindrić (L18): Peptide de novo Sequence Assignment


10.35-11.00    Coffee break


Session 5

Chair persons: P. Sandra, T. Welsch

11.00-11.25     D. Berek (L19): Comprehensive Molecular Characterization of Complex Polymer Systems by Advanced Liquid Chromatography Methods

11.25-11.50   W. Buchberger (L20): Solved and Unsolved Problems in Evaluating the Properties of Plastic Materials by Chromatographic and Mass Spectrometric Methods

11.50-12.15  G.R. Meira (L21): Randomly Branched Polymers by Size Exclusion Chromatography with Triple Detections: Computer Simulatio Study on Biases in Distributions of Molar Masses and Degrees of Branching


Commercial presentations (alphabetical order)

12.15-12.30   Kobis (golden sponsor)

12.30-12.45   Shimadzu (golden sponsor)

12.45-12.50   MerckMillipore (silver sponsor)


12.50-14.00    Lunch break



FRIDAy, September 27th

AFRERNOON sessions


Session 6

Chair persons: Ž. Debeljak, M. Cindirić

14.00-14.25     M. Petrović (L22): Recent Advances in On-Line Sample Preparation Methods Coupled to LC-Tandem MS for the Analysis of Emerging Contaminants in Environmental Samples

14.25-14.50     V. Coman (L23): Chromatographic Researches on the Textile Dyes and Their Pollution Effects on Wheat Plants

14.50-15.15     M. Del Bubba (L24): Determination of Alkylphenols Polyethoxylates (APEOs) and Alkylphenoly (Aps) in Wastewater and Surface Water through a Unique HPLC-ESI-MS/MS Method

15.15-15.40     M. Periša (L25): Identification of Sulfonamides Photodegradation Products in Different Water Matrices


15.40-16.05    Coffee break


Session 7

Chair persons: V. Coman, I. Vovk

16.05-16.30     M. Gertsiuk (L26): Identification Methods of Forbidden and Obsolete Pesticides

16.30-16.55     D. Stipaničev (L27): Screening of Organic Pollutants in Surface Water by Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled to iFunnel Q-TOF/MS

16.55-17.20     T. Kosjek (L28): Analysis, Occurrence, Degradation and Transformation of Fluorouracil in the Environment

17.25-17.50     M. Zrnčić (L29): Development of High Performance Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry (HPLC – MS/MS) Method for Determination of Different Classes of Pharmaceuticals in Waste Waters


17:00-18:00    CEGSS board meeting


18.00-19.00    Poster section



SAtURday, September 28th


Session 8

Chair persons: D. Corradini, M. Gertsiuk

08.00-08.25     M.C. Bruzzoniti (L30): Comparison of Gas Chromatographic Methods for the Determination of Methanol and Ethanol in Insulating Mineral Oil as Markers of Cellulose Degradation in Power Transformer

08.25-08.50   P.Q. Tranchida (L31) High Sensitivity Flow Modulated Comprehensive Two Dimenzional Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

08.50-09.20    O. Platiša (L32): Profile Definition of Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Crude Oil Fractions by Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography

09.20-09.45     R.A. Salkar (L33) GC Time of Flight Thermal Desorption Technique for the Detection and Quantification of Volatiles in the Context of Home and Personal Care Products

09.45-10.10     A. Voelkel (L34): Application of Inverse Gas Chromatography in Physicochemical Characterization of Abrasive Tools


10.10-10.40    Coffee break


Session 9

Chair persons: M.C. Bruzzoniti, W. Goessler

10.40-11.05   J. Švarc-Gajić (L35): New Trends in the Development of Microextraction Techniques for Coupling Sample Preparation and Chromatographic Analysis

11.05-11.30      M. Pietrzyńska (L36): Monolithic In-Needle Extraction (Mine) Device as a New Approach for the Direct Analysis of Liquid Samples

11.30-11.55     I. Jerković (L37): Preparative and Chromatographic Techniques in Chemical Fingerprinting - Selected Examples

11.55-12.20     R. Martins (L38) Affinity Based Method for RNA Purification Pursuing mRNA Vaccination

12.20-12.55     É. Mota (L39) Study of the Interaction between Immobilized L-Methionine and Oligonucleotides by Chromatography, NMR and SPR Analysis



12.55-13.00    Best poster awards


13.00               Closing remarks and next 20th ISSS