CABEQ 29 (3) 2015


International Scientific and Professional Conference 15th
Ružička Days “Today science, tomorrow industry”

Đ. Ačkar and M. Tišma


Application of a New Potentiometric Sensor for Determination
of Anionic Surfactants in Wastewater

O. Galović, M. Sardžić, S. Petrušić, and M. Sak-Bosnar

Direct Potentiometric Method for Human Stress Determination
N. Sakač, M. Karnaš, and M. Grčić

Oxidative Desulphurization of Diesel Fuels
N. Palaić, K. Sertić-Bionda, D. Margeta, and Š. Podolski

Enzyme-catalysed Biodiesel Production from Edible and Waste
Cooking Oils

S. Budžaki, A. Šalić, B. Zelić, and M. Tišma

Physico-chemical Properties of Corn Extrudates Enriched with
Tomato Powder and Ascorbic Acid

V. Obradović, J. Babić, D. Šubarić, A. Jozinović, and Đ. Ačkar

Influence of Temperature and Drying Time on Extraction Yield of
Phenolic Compounds from Grape Pomace Variety “Portogizac”

M. Planinić, B. Aliakbarian, P. Perego, K. Greganić, S. Tomas,
and A. Bucić-Kojić

Hydrothermal Degradation of Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins in
Sunflower Seeds after Treatment with Subcritical Water

M. Ravber, Ž. Knez, and M. Škerget

Chemical and Thermal Properties of Cellulose Acetate Prepared
from White Willow (Salix alba) and Black Alder (Alnus glutinosa)
as a Potential Polymeric Base of Biocomposite Materials

N. Španić, V. Jambreković, S. Medved, and A. Antonović

Biodegradation of Erythromycin with Environmental
Microorganism Pseudomonas aeruginosa 3011

M. Šabić, L. Čižmek, M. Vuković Domanovac, and E. Meštrović

Regular articles

A Fast Approach for Preparation of Adsorbent from Reed Black
Liquor and Its Performance in Equilibrium and Kinetic Gas Separation

G. Yang, Y. Sun, C. Wen, and J. P. Zhang

Stoichiometric and Spectroscopic Study of Reactive Extraction
of Phenylacetic Acid with Tri-n-Butyl Phosphate

K. K. Athankar, K. L. Wasewar, M. N. Varma, D. Z. Shende,
and H. Uslu

Free Surface Turbulent Flow in an Unbaffled Stirred Tank:
Detached Eddy Simulation and VOF Study

F. L. Yang  and S. J. Zhou

Application of spherical Copper oxide (II) Water Nano-fluid as
a Potential Coolant in a Boiling Annular Heat Exchanger

V. Nikkhah, M. M. Sarafraz, and F. Hormozi

Synthesis and Performance of Nanostructure Templated Silica
Membranes Surface-modified by Two Different Procedures

F. Assa, A. A. Babaluo, K. Ghasemzadeh, M. A. Abdi,
D. Kahforoushan, A. Jabbari, and M. J. Vaezi

Synthesis and Characterization of b-Cyclodextrin/alginate
Nanoparticle as a Novel Drug Delivery System

T.-D. Nguyen, T. Hong-Ngan Tran, C.-H. Nguyen, C. Im,
and C.-H. Dang

Substrate Inhibition Growth Kinetics for Cutinase Producing
Pseudomonas cepacia Using Tomato-peel Extracted Cutin

K. Dutta, V. Venkata Dasu, B. Mahanty, and A. Anand Prabhu

Isolation, Fermentation Optimization and Performance Studies
of a Novel Biosurfactant  Producing  Strain
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens

W. Zhang, X. Zhang, and H. Cui

Immobilization of Laccase on Magnetic Carriers and Its Use in
Decolorization of Dyes

M. Jořenek and L. Zajoncová

Enhanced Crude Oil Biodegradation in a Two-liquid Phase
Partitioning Bioreactor

Z. Z. Ismail and I. A. Abdulrazzak

Comparison of Conventional and Ultrasound-assisted Extraction
Techniques on Mass Fraction of Phenolic Compounds from
Sage (Salvia officinalis L.)

M. Dent, V. Dragović-Uzelac, I. Elez Garofulić, T. Bosiljkov,
D. Ježek, and M. Brnčić

Influence of Di-n-butyl phthalate (DnBP) on the Characteristics
of Anaerobic Granular Sludge in an IC Reactor

Y. W. Ma, M. Z. Huang, J. Q. Wan, and Y. M. Chen