CABEQ 29 (1) 2015

Petr Kluson, Grozdana Bogdanić, and Ivan Wichterle

Vapour–Liquid Equilibria in the Polystyrene + Toluene System at Higher Concentrations of Solvent
J. Pavlíček, G. Bogdanić, and I. Wichterle

Hydrogen or Soot ?:
Partial Oxidation of High-boiling Hydrocarbon Wastes

J. Lederer, J. Hanika, F. Nečesaný, W. Poslední, V. Tukač,
and V. Veselý

Use of the Steam as Gasifying Agent in Fluidized Bed Gasifier
N. Salami and Z. Skála

Solubility of Thiamine in Pure and Mixed Solvents in
Function of Temperature

L. C. P. Borges, A. H. R. Rezende, A. C. Granato, and R. F. Pires

Use of DEM in the Determination of Friction Parameters on
a Physical Comparative Model of a Vertical Screw Conveyor

J. Rozbroj, J. Zegzulka, and J. Nečas

Modeling and Optimization of Phosphate Recovery from Industrial Wastewater
and Precipitation of Solid Fertilizer using Experimental Design Methodology

M. S. Shalaby, Sh. El-Rafie,  A. H. Hamzaoui, and A. M'nif

Effect of Solution pH on the Removal of Paracetamol
by Activated Carbon of Dende Coconut Mesocarp

R. C. Ferreira, O. M. Couto Junior, K. Q. Carvalho, P. A. Arroyo,
and M. A. S. D. Barros

Application of Dynamic Simulations for Assessment of Urban
Wastewater Systems Operation

I. Pijáková and J. Derco

Degradation of Benzothiazole by Ozonation and Adsorptive Ozonation
L. Sumegová, J. Derco, and M. Melicher