CABEQ 28 (3) 2014


Drug Nanocrystals: Theoretical Background of Solubility Increase and Dissolution Rate Enhancement
D. Hasa, B. Perissutti, D. Voinovich, M. Abrami, R. Farra, S. M. Fiorentino, G. Grassi, and M. Grassi

Preparation of Supported Nanosized Sulfated Zirconia by Strontia and Assessment of Its Activities in the Esterification of Oleic Acid
H. Nayebzadeh, N. Saghatoleslami, A. Maskooki, and B. R. Vahid

Highly-ordered Metal-modified Mesoporous Carbon Nitride: As a Novel Hydrogen Adsorbent
S. E. Moradi

Investigation of Leaching Kinetics of Ulexite Waste in Oxalic Acid Solutions
S. U. Bayca, F. Kocan, and Y. Abali

LDA Characterization of the Velocity Field around a Growing and Rising Bubble in Shear-thinning Fluid
W. Fan and X. Yin

Extraction of Citric Acid by Liquid Surfactant Membranes: Bench Experiments in Single and Multistage Operation
C. Konzen, E. M. R. Araújo, J. C. Balarini, T. L. S. Miranda, and A. Salum

Analytical Solution of Forced Convective Heat Transfer in a Horizontal Anisotropic Porous Media Cylinder: Effect of Variations of Frictional Heating and Heat Generation on the Temperature Profile and Nusselt Number
H. Soltani and H. Ajamein

Hydrodynamics and Kinetics of Phenols Removal from Industrial Wastewater in a Trickle Bed Reactor ( Part I: Hydrodynamic Study)
Mohammad F. Abid, Farah T. Jasim, and Luma S. Ahmed

Investigation of Breakthrough Curves of Citric Acid Adsorption
S. A. Ghorbanian, M. Davoudinejad, S. R. Radpour, and A. Khakpay

Characterization of Electrochemically Deposited Ce1-xZrxO2 Layers Modified with Cobalt Oxide for Electrocatalytic Conversion of NOx and CO
?. Tsanev, P. Iliev, ?. Petrov, P. Stefanov, and D. Stoychev

An Efficient Method for Recovering Recombinant Cephalosporin C Deacetylase from the Cytoplasm of E. coli Cells
X. Ma, E. Su, S. Deng, Y. Xie, and D. Wei

Recovery of Xanthan Gum from Palm Oil-Based Fermentation Broth by Diafiltration with Flat Polysulfone Microfiltration (MF) Membrane
M. Sufian So’aib, J. Krishnan, and M. V. P. S. Veluri

Biodiesel Production from Scenedesmus sp. through Optimized in situ Acidic Transesterification Process
W.-Y. Choi, S.-Y. Lee, and H.-Y. Lee

Cultivation and Fractionation of Leguminous Biomass for Lactic Acid Production
F. Papendiek and J. Venus

Studies on the Effects of Bioprocess Parameters and Kinetics of Rhamnolipid Production by P. aeruginosa NITT 6L
B. Vanavil, M. Perumalsamy, and A. Seshagiri Rao

The Isolation and Performance Studies of an Alginate Degrading and Ethanol Producing Strain
W. Zhang, J. Zhang, and H. Cui

Xylanase Production by Penicillium citrinum in Laboratory-scale Stirred Tank Reactor
G. Ghoshal, U. C. Banerjee, and U. S. Shivhare