CABEQ 28 (2) 2014

In memoriam – Prof. Dr. Miha Žumer

Implementation of Microreactor Technology in Biotechnology –
IMTB Conference: A new platform for an interdisciplinary
science and technology


Biotechnical Micro-Flow Processing at the EDGE– Lessons to be learnt for
a Young Discipline

V. Hessel, J. Tibhe, T. Noël, and Q. Wang


Characterisation of an Adhesive-free Packaging System for Polymeric Microfluidic Biochemical Devices and Reactors
M. Reichen, A. Super, M. J. Davies, R. J. Macown, B. O’Sullivan,
M. P. C. Marques, N. Dimov, and N. Szita

Systematic Development of Miniaturized (Bio)Processes using Process
Systems Engineering (PSE) Methods and Tools

U. Krühne, H. Larsson, S. Heintz, R. H. Ringborg, I. P. Rosinha,
V. K. Bodla, P. A. Santacoloma, P. Tufvesson, J. M. Woodley,
and K. V. Gernaey

Evaluation of Diffusion Coefficient Determination using a Microfluidic Device
N. Miložič, M. Lubej,  U. Novak, P. Žnidaršič-Plazl, and I. Plazl

Interaction of Bacterial Populations in Coupled Microchambers
K. Nagy, O. Sipos, É. Gombai, Á. Kerényi, S. Valkai, P. Ormos, and P. Galajda

Patterns of Collective Bacterial Motion in Microfluidic Devices
O. Sipos, K. Nagy, and P. Galajda

Synthesis of 5-phenyltetrazole and its N-methyl Derivatives in a Microreactor
A. Popova, R. Sh. Abiev, L. A. Lappalainen, S. D. Svetlov,
T. V. Andreeva, R. E.Trifonov, and V. A. Ostrovskii