CABEQ 27 (3) 2013


Delay Time Correlation of Pressure Fluctuation Signals in the Novel Circulating
Jet Tank

H.-B. Meng, F. Wang, Y.-F. Yu, W. Wang, and J.-H. Wu

Using Different Preparation Methods to Enhance Fischer-Tropsch Products over Iron-based Catalyst
M. Sarkari, F. Fazlollahi, H. Atashi, A. A. Mirzaei, and W. C. Hecker

Effect of Calcination Temperature on Catalytic Activity of Synthesis SrO/S-ZrO2 by Solvent-Free Method in Esterification of Oleic Acid
H. Nayebzadeh, N. Saghatoleslami, A. Maskooki, and B. R. Vahid

Performance of Co-Mo/Al2O3 Nano Catalyst for CAMERE Process in a Batch Reactor
A. Gharibi Kharaji and A. Shariati

Maximum Sauter Mean Diameter and Terminal Velocity of Drops in a Liquid-liquid Spray Extraction Column
A. Salimi-Khorshidi, H. Abolghasemi, A. Khakpay, and N. Younes-Sinaki

Inferring Light-Cycle-Oil Stream Properties Using Soft Sensors
J. Joucowski, P. M. Ndiaye, M. L. Corazza, and M. K. Lenzi

Adaptive Control of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Yeasts Fed-Batch Cultivations
J. Vovsík, P. Hrnčiųík, J. Náhlík, and J. Mareš

Experimental and Theoretical Approach to the Assessment of Stability Criteria for Safe Transport of Ammonium Nitrate Based Emulsions
B. Fabianoa, R. J. A. Kerstenb, A. Barbuccia, and M. N. Boers

Medium Optimization for Mixed Alcohols Production by Glycerol Utilizing Immobilized Clostridium pasteurianum MTCC 116
S. Khanna, A.Ranjan, A. Goyal, and V. S. Moholkar

Oxidative Stability of Soybean Biodiesel in Mixture with Antioxidants by Thermogravimetry and Rancimat Method
F. H. Nepomuceno Souza, F. J. Nogueira Maia, S. E. Mazzetto, T. L. Nascimento, N. Campos de Andrade, A. L. Nunes Falcão de Oliveira, and M. A. de Sousa Rios

Induction and optimization of chitosanase production by Aspergillus fumigatus YT-1 using response surface methodology
H. Zhang and W. Zhang

The Effect of Seawater Conductivity on the Treatment of Leachate by Electrocoagulation
T. Öztürk, S. Veli, and A. Dimoglo

Effects of Inhibitory Factor on Uptake Rate of Ammonia-Nitrogen with Sterile Ulva sp. for Water Quality Control of Intensive Shrimp Culture Ponds
H. Habaki, S. Tajiri, R. Egashira, K. Sato, and T. Eksangsri

Naphthalene Removal from Water by Novel Mesoporous Carbon Nitride Adsorbent
S. E. Moradi

Biodegradation and Decolorization of Distillery Spent Wash with Product Release by a Novel Strain Cladosporium Cladosporioides: Optimization and Biokinetics
R. Ravikumar, N. S.Vasanthi, and K. Saravanan