CABEQ 26 (4) 2012

Chemical Engineering and Drug Delivery
Mario Grassi

In-silico Modulation of the Irinotecan Release from a Functionalized
MCM-41 Support

I. Luta and G. Maria

Controlled Release of Drugs From Hydrogel Based Matrices Systems: Experiments and Modeling
G. Lamberti, S. Cascone, G. Titomanlio, and A.A. Barba

Controlled Drug Delivery and Ophthalmic Applications
J. A. Ferreira, P. de Oliveira, and P. M. da Silva

 Controlled Release of Drugs from Microparticles Produced by Ultrasonic Assisted Atomization Based on Biocompatible Polymers
A. A. Barba, A. Dalmoro, M. d’Amore, and G. Lamberti

Spray-dried Microspheres Based on Chitosan and Lecithin Cyclosporin A Delivery System
®. Davosir Klarić, A. Hafner, S. Zubčić, M. Dürrigl, and J. Filipović-Grčić

 Polymeric Micelles in Ocular Drug Delivery: Rationale, Strategies
and Challenges

I. Pepić, J. Lovrić, and J. Filipović-Grčić

Non-Uniformity of Pellets Coating, Effect on the Dose Release Profile and How to Improve the Coating Process by Reducing the Electrostatic Charging of the Pellets.
M. Marucci, A. Holmgren, H. Carlsson, A. Jarke, M. Johansson, and C. von Corswant

 Nanoencapsulation of Drug-loaded Lipid by Temperature-induced
Phase Transition

H. Lee, J. Y. Kim, E. J. Koo, J. Lee, E. H. Lee, K. S. Oh, and S. H. Yuk

Supercritical Antisolvent Precipitation of Quercetin Systems: Preliminary Experiments
P. Alessi, A. Cortesi, N. De Zordi, T. Gamse, I. Kikic, M. Moneghini,
and D. Solinas

Comparison Study of Hydrogels Properties Synthesized with Micro- and Nano- Size Bacterial Cellulose Particles Extracted from Nata de coco
N. S. Johari, I. Ahmad, and N. Halib

 Study on Polymer-Surfactant Interactions for the Improvement of Drug Delivery Systems Wettability
I. De Simone, N. Coceani, R. Farra, S. M. Fiorentino, G. Grassi,R. Lapasin, D. Hasa, B. Perissutti, M. Grassi, and D. Voinovich

 Properties, Engineering and Applications of Polymeric Nanofibers: Current Research and Future Advances
R. Rošic, J. Pelipenko, J. Kristl, P. Kocbek, and S. Baumgartner

From Supersaturated Drug Delivery Systems to the Rising Era of Pediatric Formulations
G. Charkoftaki, G. Valsami, and P. Macheras

Simulation Models for Stem Cells Differentiation
M. Pisu, A. Concas, and G. Cao

Genes within Bottles. Synergism Between Simulation and Experiment in Designing Nanovectors for DNA/RNA Delivery
D. Marson, V. Dal Col, P. Posocco, E. Laurini, M. Fermeglia, and S. Pricl

Retraction CABEQ 20(3) 325-332(2006) and 20(2)135-145(2006)