CABEQ 26 (1) 2012

In memoriam: Dr. sc. PAVAO MILDNER, professor emeritus


Lipase-catalyzed Continuous Ring-opening Polymerization
of ε-Caprolactone in a Packed-bed Reactor

M. J. Zhang, E. Z. Su, J. P. Lin, and D. Z. Wei

Withdrawn manuscript
Utilization of Immobilized Trypsin on
Commercial Silica Gel as Catalyst
G. Hodaifa and D. Romero

Bioethanol Production from Ulva pertusa Kjellman by High-temperature

W. Y. Choi, J. G. Han, C. G. Lee, C. H. Song, J. S. Kim, Y. C. Seo,
S. E. Lee, K. H. Jung, D. H. Kang, S. J. Heo, J. S. Cho, and H. Y. Lee

Effect of Pretreatment on the Enhancement of Biodegradation of
Olive Mill Effluent

for Treatment in an Anaerobic Cross-Flow Filter Reactor
T. Keskin, F. Tutuk, and N. Azbar

Analytical Determination of the Optimal Temperature Profiles for the
Reactions with Parallel Deactivation of Enzyme Encapsulated
Inside Microorganisms Cells

I. Grubecki

Calculation of Kinetic Parameters of the Thermal Decomposition of Wood by Distributed Activation Energy Model (DAEM)
L. Gašparovič, J. Labovský, Jozef Markoš, and L'. Jelemenský


High-Pressure Phase Equilibria in Systems Containing CO2
and Ionic Liquid of the [Cnmim][Tf2N] Type

Z. Sedláková and Z. Wagner


Optimization of Xylanase Production from Penicillium citrinum in Solid-State Fermentation
G. Ghoshal, U. C. Banerjee,  Y. Chisti, and U. S. Shivhare

G. Ghoshal, U. C. Banerjee,