CABEQ 25 (1) 2011



High-shear vs. Fluid-bed Granulation Process of Dolomite: Process Modeling
K. ®iľek, M. Hraste, and Z. Gomzi

Evaluation of Critical Operating Conditions for a Semi-batch Reactor by Complementary Use of Sensitivity and Divergence Criteria
G. Maria and D.-N. Stefan

Fluid Flow Modeling of a Gas-induced Pulsating Flow Bubble Column
X. Jia, Q. Yuan, J. Wen, and W. Feng

Numerical Simulation of Solid-liquid Flow in Hydrocyclone
J. Zhang, X.-Y. You and Z.-G. Niu

Scale-up of Aerobic Stirred Bioreactors Using the Mixing Time Criteria
1. Simulated Broths

D. Caşcaval, A.-I. Galaction, and S. Cămăruţ

Adsorption of Imidacloprid on Powdered Activated Carbon and Magnetic Activated Carbon
M. Zahoor and M. Mahramanlioglu

Localization and Disruption Kinetics of L-Asparaginase from E. caratovora Cells by High Power Ultrasound
S. D. Saptarshi and S. S. Lele

Optimization of Process Conditions for Preparing an Iron-polysaccharide Complex by Response Surface Methodology
Y.-y. Zhang and J.-h. Liu

Immobilization of Nuclease p1 on Chitosan Micro-spheres
L. E. Shi, Z. X. Tang, Y. Yi, J. S. Chen, W. Y. Xiong, and G. Q. Ying

Optimal Operating Strategies of a Submerged Membrane Bioreactor for Wastewater Treatment
P. Buzatu and V. Lavric

Adsorption of Cu, Cd, Zn and Pb Ions from Aqueous Solutions by Electric Arc Furnace Slag and the Effects of pH and Grain Size
X. Chen, W. H. Hou, G. L. Song, and Q. H.Wang

Optimization of Tertiary Alkaloids Separation from Corydalis yanhusuo by Macroporous Resins
H. Guo, Y. Luo, J. Qian, and X. Shang


Molecular and Engineering Perspectives of the Biocatalysis Interface to Chemical Synthesis
Roland Wohlgemuth

Immobilization of Yeast on Polymeric Supports
I. Stolarzewicz, E. Białecka –Florjańczyk, E. Majewska, and J. Krzyczkowska


Grozdana Bogdanić, Ivan Wichterle and Ana Erceg Kuzmić: Collection of miscibility data and phase behavior of binary polymer blends based on styrene, 2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide and of their derivatives
T. Tomić