CABEQ 24 (3) 2010



A Design of Experiments Investigation of Adsorptive Desulfurization of Diesel Fuel
M. Mužic, K. Sertić-Bionda, and Z. Gomzi

Model-based Derivation of the Safety Operating Limits of a Semi-batch Reactor for the Catalytic Acetoacetylation of Pyrrole Using a Generalized
Sensitivity Criterion

G. Maria, A. Dan, and D.-N. Stefan

Novel Method for the Determination of Process Safety Time
T. Varga and J. Abonyi

Interfacial Tension of Some Newtonian and non-Newtonian Fluids by the Drop-Weight Method
R. Gupta, R. K. Wanchoo, and A. Bansal

Optimal Control of the Carbon Isotopes Cryogenic Separation Process
C. I. Pop, C. Festila, and E. H. Dulf

The Potential of Fe-exchanged Y Zeolite as a Heterogeneous Fenton-type Catalyst for Oxidative Degradation of Reactive Dye in Water
M. Aleksić, N. Koprivanac, A. Lončarić Božić, and H. Kušić

Utilization of Electrohydrodynamic Cavitation in Primary Sludge Conditioning
Tadeusz A. Marcinkowski and Piotr J. Aulich

Refining Hemp Hurds into Fermentable Sugars or Ethanol
Z. Barta, J. M. Oliva, I. Ballesteros, D. Dienes, M. Ballesteros,
and K. Réczey

The Factors Affecting Biofilm Formation in the Mediatorless Microbial Fuel Cell
H. R. Li, Y. L. Feng, J. J. Zhang, and J. Lian

Effects of Different Fermentation Conditions on Growth and Citric Acid Production Kinetics of Two Yarrowia lipolytica Strains
S. Karasu-Yalcin, M. Tijen Bozdemir, and Z. Yesim Ozbas

Cultivation Medium Design Via Elemental Balancing for Tetraselmis suecica
M. K. Danquah, R. Harun, R. Halim, and G. M. Forde

Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation of Corn Straw to Lactic Acid
Q. Wang, D. Zou, H. Ma, Y. Ji, and X. Wang

Composting of Waste from Poultry Breeding - Biological Analysis
Tadeusz A. Marcinkowski


Degradation of Saccharides with Raw Wood (Larch, Bamboo and Cherry) Particles and Its Application to Separation of Arbutin and Glucose
M. Matsumoto, M. Matsuura, T. Tanaka, W. Hasegawa, and K. Kondo