CABEQ 24 (1) 2010

75th Birthday of Professor Josef Horák


Studies in the Theory of Scientific Research. Part 1. Theory of Information Transfer by Scientific Publications: Basic Rules to Optimise the Effect of Scientific Communication1
K. Lin, S. Sisako, and J. Horák

Decolorization of the Anthraquinone Dye C. I. Reactive Blue 2 by Fenton Oxidation; Statistical Experimental Design
S. Papiæ, M. Mu¾ic, N. Koprivanac, I. Peternel, and M. Deanoviæ

Multivariable Controller Tuning for Non-square Systems
with RHP Zeros by Genetic Algorithm

P. Ganesh and M. Chidambaram

Controllability and Operability Analysis of Heat Exchanger Networks Including Bypasses
S. Hernández, L. Balcazar-López, J. A. Sánchez-Márquez, and G. González-García

Modelling the Drying of Porous Coal Particles in Superheated Steam
B. A. Olufemi and I. F. Udefiagbon

A Control Configuration for Temperature Control of a Cooling Crystallizer Based on a Two-level-model Predictive Control
S. Mortazavi-Manesh and W. Y. Svrcek

Destabilization and Recuperability of Oil Used in the Formulation of Concentrated Emulsions and Cutting Fluids
A. P. Guimaraes, D. A. S. Maia, R. S. Araújo,
C. L. Cavalcante Jr, and H. B. de Sant’Ana

A Two-stage Discriminating Framework for Making Supply Chain Operation Decisions under Uncertainties
H. Gu and G. Rong

Reactive Extraction of Propionic Acid Using Aliquat-336 in 2-Octanol: Linear Solvation Energy Relationship (LSER) Modeling and Kinetics Study
A. Keshav, K. L. Wasewar, S. Chand, and H. Uslu

Separation of Racemic Mixtures of Amino Acids Using Chiral Eluents
P. Dimitrova and H.-J. Bart

Modeling of DBT Biodesulfurization by Resting Cells of Gordonia sp. WQ-01A Immobilized in Alginate Gel Beads in an Oil-water-immobilization System
Y. Peng and J. Wen

Response Surface Methodology for Optimization of the Erythromycin Production by Fed-Batch Fermentation Using an Inexpensive Biological Nitrogen Source
X. Zou, C.-F. Chen, H.-F. Hang, J. Chu, Y.-P. Zhuang, and S.-L. Zhang

Kinetics Modelling of the Biodegradation of Benzene, Toluene and Phenol as Single Substrate and Mixed Substrate by Using Pseudomonas putida
A. K. Mathur and C. B. Majumder

Bioconversion of Cheese Whey to Methane in an Upflow Anaerobic Packed Bed Bioreactor
G. D. Najafpour, M. Komeili, M. Tajallipour, and M. Asadi

Discriminant Function Analysis Based on Principal Components for Rapid Discrimination of Metabolic Capabilities of New Isolates
B. Sariyar-Akbulut