CABEQ 23 (4) 2009

To the Memory of Prof. Dr. Valentin Koloini
J. Golob, I. Plazl and Ž. Kurtanjek


A Multicomponent Lattice Boltzmann Model for Multiphase Convection, Diffusion, and Reaction in Two Dimensions
J. M. Parker and G. N. Jovanovic

Effect of Tween-80 on Stability and Secretion
of Hydrophobic Tagged-cutinases

C. R. C. Calado, M. Brandao, J. Biscaia, J. M. S. Cabral,
and L. P. Fonseca

Prediction of Dynamic Plasmid Production by Recombinant Escherichia coli Fed-Batch Cultivations with a Generalized Regression Neural Network
T. Silva, P. Lima, M. Roxo-Rosa, S. Hageman, L. P. Fonseca, and C. R. C. Calado

LentikatŽ-based Biocatalysts: Effective Tools for Inulin Hydrolysis
S. Cattorini, M. P. C. Marques, F. Carvalho, V. Chheub, J. M. S. Cabral, and P. Fernandes

Antioxidant, Radical Scavenging and Antimicrobial Activities of Red Onion (Allium cepa L) Skin and Edible Part Extracts
M. Škerget, L. Majhenič, M. Bezjak, and Ž. Knez

MINLP Synthesis of Processes for the Production of Biogas from Organic and Animal Waste
R. Drobež, Z. Novak Pintarič, B. Pahor, and Z. Kravanja

Analysis of Modified Starch Adsorption Kinetics on Cellulose Fibers via the Modified Langmuir Adsorption Theory
N. Zakrajšek, S. Knez, D. Ravnjak, and J. Golob

Studies on the Growth of Chlorella vulgaris in Culture Media with Different Carbon Sources
M. Šoštarič, J. Golob, M. Bricelj, D. Klinar, and A. Pivec

Adsorption of Vancomycin on Amberlite XAD-16 in a Packed Bed Column
B. Borin and A. Pavko

Anaerobic Treatment of Pharmaceutical Waste Fermentation Broth
G. D. Zupančič and A. Žgajnar Gotvajn

Model-free Kinetics Analysis of Thermal Degradation of Polysiloxane Lubricant
I. Mohorič, M. Krajnc, and U. Šebenik

The Effect of Enzymatic Treatments of Pulps on Fiber and Paper Properties
P. Žnidaršič-Plazl, V. Rutar, and D. Ravnjak

Experimental Characterization of Liquid Distribution Quality of a Multiple-Nozzle Spray Distributor
Ž. Olujić

CFD - facilitated Prognosis of Bubble Bed Bioreactor Performance Based on Bubble Swarms Oscillation Analysis
S. D. Vlaev, P. Staykov, and M. Fialova

Modelling of Continuous L-Malic Acid Production by Porcine Heart Fumarase and Fumarase in Yeast Cells
A. Vrsalović Presečki, B. Zelić, and Đ. Vasić-Rački

Non-stationary Metabolic Control Analysis of E. coli Central Metabolism by a Mathematical Model Simulation
A. Tušek and Ž. Kurtanjek


Process Intensification through Microreactor Application
A. Pohar and I. Plazl

Overview on Reactions with Multi-enzyme Systems
Z. Findrik and Đ. Vasić-Rački


Technological Solution for the Sustainability of the Destructive Distillation of Wood in a Classic Horizontal Retorts
S. Tomas, M. Planinić, A. Bucić Kojić, M. Bilić, D. Velić, and M. Čačić