CABEQ 23 (2) 2009

Bioaccumulation Dynamics of a PCB Low-level Discharge in a Riverine Pathway Downstream the Release Point
G. Maria and C. Maria

Extraction and Liquid-Membrane Preconcentration of Vincamine from Periwinkle (Vinca Minor L.) Leaves. Process Modelling
B. Yordanov, K. Dimitrov, and L. Boyadzhiev

Application of the QMOM in Research on the Behavior of Solid-liquid Suspensions
M. Lemanowicz, M. H. Al-Rashed, A. T. Gierczycki, and J. Kocurek

A Combined Algorithm for Multi-objective Fuzzy Optimization of Whey Fermentation
M. Petrov and T. Ilkova

Ultrasonic Effects on Protein Salting-out
X. Ning, H. Pingfang, C. Lamei, and O. Pingkai

A Lumped Specific Heat Capacity Approach for Predicting the Non-stationary Thermal Profile of Coffee During Roasting
M. Basile and I. Kikic

Linearizing Control Based on Adaptive Observer for Anaerobic Continuous Sulphate Reducing Bioreactors with Unknown Kinetics
M. I. Neria-González, A. R. Domínguez-Bocanegra, J. Torres, R. Maya-Yescas, and R. Aguilar-López

Adsorption of Organic Acids on Blast Furnace Sludge
A. Radjenovic and J. Malina

Model Predictive Control of a Continuous Vacuum Crystalliser in an Industrial Environment: A Feasibility Study
N. Moldoványi and J. Abonyi

A Mini-Review on Greenness of Ionic Liquids
S. Zhu, R. Chen, Y. Wu, Q. Chen, X, Zhang, and Z. Yu

Modeling Growth of Cellulomonas cellulans NRRL B 4567 under Substrate Inhibition During Cellulase Production
R. Agarwal, B. Mahanty, and V. Venkata Dasu

High-level Production of Bovine Enterokinase Light Chain Using Fed-batches by Recombinant Pichia pastoris
J.-G. Zhang, X.-D. Wang, X.-Z. Mao, and D.-Z. Wei

Polypropylene-based Eco-composites Filled with Agricultural Rice Hulls Waste
B. Dimzoski, G. Bogoeva-Gaceva, G. Gentile, M. Avella, and A. Grozdanov

Optimal Schedule of a Dairy Manufactory
R. Adonyi, E. Shopova, and N. Vaklieva-Bancheva

Defining of the Kinetics of Microbial Oxidation Process Events with Reference to L-Sorbose Formation in a Large Range of Culture Conditions
K. Mihaljeviæ and M. Bo¹njak