CABEQ 22(2) 2008

X. B. Lu, Y. M. Zhang, Y. Liang, J. Yang, and H. B. Dan
Modeling and Optimization of the Dilute Sulfuric Acid Treatment
on Corn Stover at Low Temperature

K. L. Wasewar, M. Anil, and V. K. Agarwal
CFD Modeling of Three-phase Bubble Column:
2. Effect of Design Parameters

W.-C. Lee, C.-Y. Hung, and C.-C. Hwang
Separation of Cholesterol from Other Steroids Using Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Prepared by Seeded Suspension Polymerization

A. Thakur, P. S. Panesar, and M. Singh
Parametric Optimization of Lactic Acid Extraction from Aqueous Solution in a Mixed Flow Reactor Using Emulsion Liquid Membrane by Response Surface Methodology

Z. Palatý, A. ®áková, P. Stoček, and H. Bendová
Continuous Dialysis of Citric Acid: Solubility and Diffusivity in Neosepta-AMH Membrane

I. Ortiz, I. García-Pena, P. Christen, and S. Revah
Effects of Inoculum Type, Packing Material and Operating Conditions on Pentane Biofiltration

N. Şener, D. Kiliç Apar, E. Demirhan, and B. Özbek
Milk Lactose Hydrolysis in a Batch Reactor: Optimisation of Process Parameters, Kinetics of Hydrolysis and Enzyme Inactivation

Z.-H. Liu, W. Qi, Z.-M. He, H.-L. Wang, and Y.-Y. Feng
PSO-based Parameter Estimation of Nonlinear Kinetic Models for ß-Mannanase Fermentation

D. Kiliç Apar and B. Özbek
Corn Gluten Hydrolysis by Alcalase: Effects of Process Parameters on Hydrolysis, Solubilization and Enzyme Inactivation

R.Saravanathamizhan, P. A. Soloman, N. Balasubramanian, and C. Ahmed Basha
Optimization of In-situ Electro-oxidation of Formaldehyde by the Response Surface Method

G. Kálmán and K. Réczey
Consecutive Aqueous Extractions of Wet-milled Corn Germ Cake

U. M. Teles and F. A. N. Fernandes
Hydrocracking of Fischer-Tropsch Products. Optimization of Diesel and Naphtha Cuts

G. Rong, H. Gu, B. Jin, and J. Shao
A Classification Framework for Process Operation Optimization and its Application in a Triazophos Plant

J. Vijayakumar, R. Aravindan, and T. Viruthagiri
Recent Trends in the Production, Purification and Application of Lactic Acid

G. W. Griffiths, A. J. McHugh, and W. E. Schiesser
An Introductory Global CO2 Model