CABEQ 21(3) 2007

M. Anil, V. K. Agarwal, M. Siraj Alam, and K. L. Wasewar
CFD Modeling of Three-phase Bubble Column: 1. Study of Flow Pattern

M. Jura¹eík, I. Sikula, M. Rosenberg, and J. Marko¹
Measurement of Mass Transfer Coefficients in Airlift Reactors with Internal Loop Using the Glucose Oxidase Method

S. A. Nosier, Y. A. Alhamed, A. A. Bakry, and I. S. Mansour
Forced Convection Solid-Liquid Mass Transfer at a Surface of Tube Bundles under Single Phase Flow

R. K. Rajoriya, B. Prasad, I. M. Mishra, and K. L. Wasewar
Adsorption of Benzaldehyde on Granular Activated Carbon: Kinetics, Equilibrium, and Thermodynamic

F. Balkan and M. H. Sezar
Optimal Sensor Spacing in Experimental Determination of Heat Transfer Coefficient by Inverse Analysis

G. S. Pozan, I. Boz, and M. Ali Gurkaynak
Catalytic Dehydrogenation of Tetradecanol over Copper/Barium Oxide Catalysts

P. Krishnamoorthy, I. Reghupathi, and T. Murugesan
An Experimental Study and Correlation for Differential Settling of Bidisperse Suspensions

Y. Du and R. Chen
Effect of Nickel Particle Size on Alumina Supported Nickel Catalysts for p-Nitrophenol Hydrogenation

P. Chiritâ
A Kinetic Study of Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition in Presence of Pyrite

S. Banerjee and M. Debnath
Continuous Production of 6-amino Penicillanic Acid (6-APA) by Agarose Immobilized Penicillin Acylase in a Packed Column Reactor

N. S. Chaubal, V. Y. Joshi, and M. R. Sawant
A Kinetic Model for the Glycosidation of D-glucose and n-decanol

A. Bódalo, J. L. Gómez, E. Gómez, J. Bastida, and M. F. Máximo
Elimination of 4-chlorophenol from Water Solutions Using Commercial Peroxidases

Kaushik Ghosh and K. B. Ramachandran
Analysis of the Effect of in situ Product Removal on the Stability and Performance of a Continuous Bioreactor with Cell Separator for Ethanol Production

E. Kalogeris, O. Antzoulatos, D. Mamma, D. G. Hatzinikolaou, P. Christakopoulos, and D. Kekos
Application of Different Processes for the Biodegradation of 1,3-dichloro-2-propanol by the Bacterium Pseudomonas putida DSM 437