CABEQ 20(3) 2006.

C. Wandrey
A specialissue of "Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Quarterly" is dedicated to Prof. Dr. Durda Vasic-Racki on the occasion of her 60th birthday

A. Vrsalovic Presecki, Z. Findrik, and B. Zelic
Modeling of the Biotransformation Processes

S. Ceric and Z. Kurtanjek
Model Identification, Parameter Estimation, and Dynamic Flux Analysis of E. coli Central Metabolism

M. Primozic, M. Habulin, and Z. Knez
Proteinase-catalyzed Hydrolysis of Casein at Atmospheric Pressure and in Supercritical Media

M. Blaesen, E. Flaschel, and K. Friehs
Sustainable Production: Recycling of Bacterial Biomass Resulting from a Fermentation Process with Klebsiella planticola

J. Giacometti and F. Giacometti
Study of Organic Solvent Hydrophobicity on Lipase Catalyzed Reaction Esterification

P. Znidarsic-Plazl
The Influence of Some Engineering Variables Upon the Morphology
of Rhizopus nigricans in a Stirred Tank Bioreactor

M. Berovic, M. Vodopivec, and S. Milicic
The Influence of Mangane seIons on Aspergillus niger Biomass and CitricAcid
Biosynthesis in Repeated Fed Batch Fermentation

M. Tramsek, A. Gorsek, and P. Glavic
The Aerobic Biodegradation Kinetics of Plant Tannins in Industrial Wastewater

H. Kusic, N. Koprivanacc, A. Loncaric Bozic, S. Papic, I. Peternel, and D. Vujevic
Reactive Dye Degradation by AOPs; Development of a Kinetic Model
for UV/H2O2 Process

Z. Olujic, P. Perez, F. T. de Bruijn, J. de Graauw, and P. J. Jansens
Augmenting Distillation by Membranes: Developments and Prospects

L. Govindarajan and PL. Sabarathinam
Prediction of Vapor-liquid Equilibrium Data by Using Radial Basis Neural Networks


G. Maria and C. Maria
Evaluation of Risk Zones Over a River Pathway, Downstreama Release Point,
Under Seasonal Pollutant Biodegradability

N. Xu, X. P. Lu, and Y. R. Wang
Study on Ultrasonic Degradation of Pentachlorophenol Solution