CABEQ 20(1) 2006.

V. Varga, E. Rev, V. Gerbaud, Z. Lelkes, Z. Fonyo, X. Joulia
Batch extractive distillation with light entrainer

T. K. Bandyopadhyay, S. K. Das , M.N. Biswas
Convergent-divergent column - as extraction column for aromatics extraction from light petroleum fraction

Kailas L. Wasewar
A design of jet mixed tank

S.A. Nosier, M. I. El-Khiary, M .A. Nasr, A. A. Mubark
Diffusion controlled corrosion in gas sparged systems

K. Dimitrov, D. Metcheva, S. Alexandrova, L. Boyadzhiev
Selective recovery of tropane alkaloids applying liquid membrane technique

M. Fabulic Ruszkowski , Z. Gomzi , T. Tomic
4-Lump kinetic model for hydrotreated gas oil catalytic cracking

Li Rongyu, R. Gang
Dynamic process fault isolation by partial DPCA

A.A. Mubarak
Removal of copper from industrial wastewater by cementation on zinc in baffled batch-agitated vessels

M. Levstek,, I. Plazl, T. Koloini
Modeling of a Pilot Wastewater Treatment Plant Operated
With Variable Inflows

Chen Hongzhang, Wang Hui, Zhang Aijun, Li Zuohu
Alkaline protease production by solid state fermentation on PUF

H. Rashedi, E. Jamshidi, M. Mazaheri Assadi, B. Bonakdarpour,
Pseudomonas aeruginosa biosurfactant production in culture
with glucose as carbon source

Jiang Qi-pei Zhang Xiao-yong, Mo Hai-tao Li Zuo-hu
Cleaner production of wheat straw pulp with potash