CABEQ 19(1) 2005.

X. Y. You, Xia Xiao
Simulation of the Three-Dimensional Two-Phase Flow in Stirred

Elijah Adekunle Taiwo

D. Yankov, J. Molinier, G. Kyuchoukov, J. Albet, G. Malmary
Improvement of the lactic acid extraction. I. Extraction from aqueous solutions and simulated fermentation broth by means of mixed extractant

Osman Nuri Ata
The Selective Transport of Copper Ion through Supported Liquid Membrane

Hrvoje Ivankovic, Jelena Macan, Marica Ivankovic
Abrasion resistant thin partially stabilised zirconia coatings by sol-gel dip-coating

Jasna Prlic Kardum, Aleksandra Sander, Antun Glasnovic
Batch Crystallization of KCl: the Influence of the Cooling and Mixing on the Granulometric Properties of Obtained Crystals

M. Petrov, T. Ilkova, St. Tzonkov
Modeling and fuzzy optimization of whey fermentation by strain Kluyweromyces marxianus var. lactis MC 5

V. Ramachandra Murty, Jayadev Bhat and P.K.A. Muniswaran
External Mass Transfer Effects during the Hydrolysis of Rice Bran Oil in Immobilized Lipase Packed Bed Reactor

Junhong Liu, Yuanyuan Zhang, Longhui Qiu and Yuanming Zhou
A Novel Method to Assay Peroxidase Activity

Hristozov I. T., Pencheva, ST. Tzonkov, B. Hitzmann
Functional State Modelling approach for batch cultivation of saccharomyces cerevisae

V.K.Garg, Renuka Gupta and Tarika Juneja
Removal of a basic dye (Rhodamine –B) from aqueous solution by adsorption using timber industry waste

S.Sandhya, K.Swaminathan, and S.N.Kaul
Kinetics of detoxification and mineralization of mono azo dyes in a up-flow anaerobic fixed film reactors

Anca-Irina Galaction, Dan Cascaval, Corneliu Oniscu, Marius Turnea
Evaluation and modeling of the aerobic Stirred Bioreactor Performances For Fungus Broths

Bálint Kupcsulik and Béla Sevella
The Role of pH and Temperature on the Recombinant Product Formation of
Pichia pastoris Mut