CABEQ 18(2) 2004.

Editorial Prof. Egon Bauman

®. Olujic, M. Behrens, L. Colli, A. Paglianti
Predicting the efficiency of corrugated sheet structured packings with large specific surface area

M. Curlin, M. Matic, M. Matoąic, I. Mijatovic, ®. Kurtanjek
Effects of Hydraulic Residence Time and Mixing on Wastewater Treatment in a Membrane Bioreactor

Z. Findrik, B. Zelic, S. Bogdan, Đ.Vasic-Racki
Model-based and Experimental Optimization Using Genetic Algorithm

Hana Vychodilová, Vladimír Jiricný and Vladimír Stanek
Mathematical Models of Absorption of Poorly Soluble Gas in Co-Current Packed Bed Column under Periodically Changing Conditions

Hana Vychodilová, Vladimír Jiricný and Vladimir Stanek
An Experimental Study of Absorption of Oxygen in Water in Co-Current Packed Bed Column by Transient Technique

César Gildardo Hernández-Gaona and Salvador Hernández
Comparison of Energy Consumptions and Total Annual Costs Between Heat Integrated and Thermally Linked Distillation Sequences

Rumen Darakchiev
Input and internal devices for packed columns

R. Sarbatly & R. England
Critical Review of Membrane Bioreactor Systems Used for Continuous Production of Hydrolized Starch

Ibrahim M. Abu-Reesh
Effect of wall growth on the optimum design of chemostats connected in series

V. Ramachandra Murty, Jayadev Bhat, P.K.A.Muniswaran
Mass Transfer Effects in Immobilized Lipase Packed Bed Reactor during the
Hydrolysis of Rice Bran Oil

S.R.Prabagaran, K.Pakshirajan, T.Swaminathan
Enhanced Biomass Production of Bacillus thuringiensis PBT-372 from Molasses by Optimization of Sugar Concentration, Inoculum Size and pH of the Medium using Response Surface Methodology