CABEQ 17(4) 2003.

Olujic, B. Kaibel, H. Jansen, T. Rietfort, E. Zich, G. Frey
Distillation Column Internals/Configurations for ProcessIntensification

A. Del Borghi, L. Binaghi, A. Converti, and M. Del Borghi
Combined Treatment of Leachate from Sanitary Landfill and Municipal Wastewater by Activated Sludge

Marcello Fidaleo and Roberto Lavecchia
Kinetic study of enzymatic urea hydrolysis in the pH range 4-9

Ivan Simeonov and Stoyan Stoyanov
Modelling ad Dynamic Compensator Control of the Anaerobic Digestion Of Organic Wastes

Georgieva O. i. Hristozov, T. Pencheva, ST. Tzonkov, B. Hitzmann
Mathematical Modelling And Variable Structure Control Systems For Fed-Batch
Fermentation of Escherichia coli

Ahmet Ekmekyapar, Ramazan Oya and Asim Künkül
Dissolution Kinetics of an Oxidized Copper Ore in Ammonium Chloride Solution

Sanjoy Ghosh and T. Swaminathan
Optimization of Process Variables for the Extractive Fermentation of 2,3-Butanediol by Klebsiella oxytoca in Aqueous Two-phase System Using Response Surface Methodology

Iztok Hace, Janvit Golob, and Matja¾ Krajnc
The Kinetic Modeling of Bulk Diallylterephthalate Polymerization

H.J.Tham, K.B.Ramachandran, M.A. Hussain
Sliding Mode Control for a Continuous Bioreactor

G. Gaikwad
Synergic Transport of Yttrium Metal Ions Through Supported Liquid Membrane