CABEQ 17(3) 2003.

D.R. Schneider and ®. Bogdan
Modelling of SO3 Formation in the Flame of a Heavy-Oil Fired Furnace

P. Kluson, P. Kacer, T. Cajthaml, M. Kalaji
Titania Thin Films and Supported Nanostructured Membranes Prepared By the Surfactant Assisted Sol-Gel Method

A.G. Gaikwad, K. R. Chitra, G. D. Surender, A. D. Damodaran
Membrane Solvent Extraction of Some Rare Earth Elements

C.Srinivasakannan, N. Balasubramaniam
Particle Growth in Fluidised Bed Granulation

R. Padma Sree and M. Chidambaram
A Simple Method of Tuning PI Controllers for Unstable Systems With a Zero

A.O. Adebayo, K.O. Ipinmoroti and O.O.Ajayi
Dissolution Kinetics of Chalcopyrite with Hydrogen peroxide in Sulphuric acid Medium

S . A. Nosier
Removal of Cadmium Ions From Industrial Wastewater by Cementation

Anderson R. K. I., Kunthala Jayaraman
Influence of Carbon and Nitrogen Sources on the Growth and Sporulation of Bacillus Thuringiensis Var Galleriae For Biopesticide Production

M. Hutnan, M. Hornak, I. Bodík and V. Hlavacka
Anaerobic treatment of wheat stillage

L. Mrafkova, D. Goi, V. Gallo, I. Colussi
Preliminary Evaluation of Inhibitory Effects of Some Substances on Aerobic and Anaerobic Treatment Plant Biomasses