CABEQ 17(2) 2003.

Gheorghe C. Maria
Evaluation of Protein Regulatory Kinetics Schemes in Perturbed Cell Growth Environments by Using Sensitivity Methods

Swaroopa Rani.A, Annapurna Jetty and Ramakrishna.S.V
Penicillin production in continuous stirred tank reactor by penicillium chrysogenum immobilized in aggar

V. Beschkov and M. Natcheva
Denitrification Performance of Consortium of thermophilic aerobic bacteria NBIMCC 3729

Tamas Juhasz, E. Szekely, B. Simandi, Zs. Szengyel, K. Reczey
Recovery of Recombinant Thermostable Endoglucanase from E. coli Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Cell Disruption

Zdenek Palatý, Alena Žáková
Testing the cell for measurement of diffusivity in liquids

R. Padma Sree and M. Chidambaram
Control of unstable bioreactor with dominant unstable zero

S.Padamavathy, S.Sandhya, K.Swaminathan, Y.V.Subrahmanyam, T.Chakrabarty and S.N.Kaul
Aerobic Decolorization of Reactive Azo Dyes in Presence of Various Cosubstrates

X.Y. You , Z. S. Yang
Estimating the Relative Tray Efficiency of Sieve Distillation Trays by Applying Artificial
Neural Networks

Aleksandra Sander, Nenad Bolf, Jasna Prlic Kardum
Research on Dynamics and Drying Time in Microwave Paper Drying

Cengiz Özmetin
A Rotating Disc Study on Silver Dissolution in Concentrated HNO3 Solutions