CABEQ 17(1) 2003.

Z. Kravanja
Editorial: Modeling, simulation, optimisation in process design and synthesis

D. Vasic-Racki
Prof. Dr. Christian Wandrey - 60 YEARS

D. Vasic-Racki, U. Kragl, A. Liese
Benefits of enzyme kinetic modelling

M.Fermaglia, S. Priel, G. Longo
Molecular modeling and process simulation: Real possibilities and challenges

M. Emtir, P. Mizsey, E. Rev, Z. Fonyo
Economic and controllabilty investigation and comparison of energy integrated
distillation schemes

S. Elgue, J.M. Le Lann, M. Cabassoud, L.Prat, J. Cezerac
Influence of optimisation approach on the determination of operating conditions
of batch global synthesis

M. Narodoslawsky
Renewable resources - new challanges for process integration and synthesis

J.M. Reneaume, N. Niclout
MINLP Optimisation of plate fin heat exchangers

E. Vasquez-Alvarez, J.M. Pinto
A mixed integer linear programming synthesis of protein purification process
with product loss