CABEQ 16(3) 2002.

P. Kluson, S.J. Scaife
Microporous adsorbents for a selective separation of carbon dioxide from mixtures with methane and nitrogen

Urska Florjancic, Andreja Zupancic, Miha Zumer
Rheological characterization of aqueous polysaccharide mixtures undergoing shear

M.A. de la Rubia*; M. Perez; L.I. Romero; D. Sales
Aneorobic mesophilic and thermophilic municipal sludge digestion

C. Srinivasakannan, R. Vasanthakumar, K. Iyappan, P.G. Rao
A study on crystallization of oxalic acid in batch cooling crystallizer

Coello Oviedo, MªD.*, Sales Márquez, D., Quiroga Alonso J.Mª.
Toxic effects of metals on microbial activity in the activated sludge process

Carta-Escobar, F.; Álvarez-Mateos, P.; RomeroGuzmán, F.; Pereda Marín, J.
Changes in the nutrients from a dairy wastewater in batch-reactor
at high pH and organic load