CABEQ 16(2) 2002.

S. Oreški,, J. Zupan and P. Glavic
Artificial Neural Network Classification of Phase Equilibrium Methods – Part 2

Vojta, V., Náhlík, J., Páca, J., Komárková, E.
Development and verification of the control systems for fed-batch phenol degradation processes

M. M. Mesa, M. Macías and D. Cantero
Biological iron oxidation by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans in a packed-bed bioreactor

I. Diadovski, T. Hristova, M. Petrov
A model for assessment and prognosis of river water quality

I. Inci
Distribution of glycolic acid between water and different organic solutions

P.Perego, L.Fanara, M.Zilli, and M.Del Borghi
Applications of Luminous Bacteria on Environmental Monitoring