CABEQ 16(1) 2002.

M. Martinov and S. D. Vlaev
Increasing Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer in Stirred Power Law Fluids by Using a New Energy-Saving Impeller

B. Zelic, N. Pavlovic, V. Delic, . Vasic-Racki
Optimization of pH and temperature in the process of bioconversion of glucose to
2,5-diketo-d-gluconic acid

Vesna Stergar, Jana Zagorc Koncan
The determination of anaerobic biodegradability of pharmaceutical waste using advanced bioassay technique

Slobodan Grba, Vesna Stehlik-Tomas, Damir Stanzer, Nada Vahcic, Ana Skrlin
Selection of Yeast Strain Kluyveromyces marxianus for Alcohol and Biomass Production on Whey

M. C. Marquez, V. Fernandez
pH-stat method to evaluate the heat inactivation of subtilisin inhibitor in legumes

Rosario Solera, Luis Isidoro Romero, Diego Sales
The evolution of biomass in a two-phase anaerobic treatment process during start-up