CABEQ 15(4) 2001.

J. Wilde, C. Baumgartner, B. Fertsch, J. Hinrichs
Matrix effects on the kinetics of lactose hydrolysis in fermented and acidified milk products

Andrej Horvat, Janvit Golob, Roman Gabrovšek
Carbonation of sodium disilicate during spray-drying

Tadej Recelj, Janvit Golob
Absorption of SO2 in the MgO-SO2-H2O and in the Ca2+-SO2-H2O System

Ingrid Bauman
Solid-Solid Mixing with Static Mixers

J. Derco, M. Králik and A. Kovács
Modelling of Nutrient Removal Processes in an Intermittently Aerated Bioreactor

Mehmet Tunc, Sinan Yapici, Muhtar Kocakerim, Ahmet Yartasi
The dissolution kinetics of ulexite in sulphuric acid solutions

Mehmet Copur
Solubilty of ZnS Concentrate Containing Pyrite and Chalcopyrite In HNO3 Solutions