CABEQ 15(3) 2001.

Glancer-Šoljan, S. Ban, T. Landeka Dragicevic, V. Šoljan and V. Matic
Granulated mixed microbial culture suggesting successful employment of bioaugmentation in the treatment of process wastewaters

S. Matosic, Z. Kurtanjek, M. Bosnjak
Applicability of the three dimensional growth model in description of
Mucor miehei NCAIM 5238 cultivation and renin biosynthesis

V. Kosar, Z. Gomzi
Thermal Effects of Cure Reaction for an Unsaturated Polyester in Cylindrical Moulds

V. Tomasic, Z. Gomzi
Development of the structured catalysis for the exhaust gas treatment

P. Kluson, S.J. Scaife
Pore size distribution analysis of structure different microporous carbons- theoretical evaluation based on density functional theory and nitrogen and argon
experimental adsorption isotherms at 77 K

R. Gridhar, A.K. Srivastava
Repeated fed-batch sorbose fermentation by Gluconobacter oxydans

A. Sander, J. Prlic Kardum, D. Skansi
Transport Properties in Drying of Solids