CABEQ 15(2) 2001.

Anton Moser
Science & Technology for the Future: Nature versus Economy?

M. Zlokarnik
Scale-up of processes using material systems with variable physical properties

M. Behrens, P. P. Saraber, Z. Olujic
Performance Characteristics of a Monolith-like Structured Packing

Ji Yan, Rakesh Bajpai, Eugene Iannotti, Milan Popovic, and Richard Mueller
Lactic Acid Fermentation From Enzyme-Thinned StarchWith Immobilized Lactobacillus amylovorus

Marin Berovic, Milan Popovic
Characterisation of Gas Mixed Bioreactors In Submerged Citric Acid Fermentation

Maja Drolka , Igor Plazl , Tine Koloini
The Results of Mathematical Model and Pilot Plant Research of Wastewater Treatment

Adela Kogej and Aleksander Pavko
Laboratory experiments of lead biosorption by self-immobilized Rhizopus nigricans
pellets in the batch stirred tank reactor and the packed bed column