CABEQ 15(1) 2001.

S. Oreški, J. Zupan and P. Glavič
Neural Network Classification of Phase Equilibrium Methods

JL. García-Morales , E. Nebot , LI. Romero , D. Sales
Comparison Between Acidogenic and Methanogenic Inhibition Caused by Linear
Alkylbenzene-sulfonate (LAS)

G. Matijašić, A. Glasnović
Measurement and Evaluation of Drag Coefficient for Settling of Spherical Particles in Pseudoplastic Fluids

Mehmet Çopur, Ahmet Yartasi, Cengiz Özmetin and M. Muhtar Kocakerim
Solubility of Stibine Ore in HCl Solutions Saturated With Cl2 Gas