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Electrochemical engineering is the field of human endeavour concerned with the application of electrochemical disciplines, methods and reactions that turn raw materials into valuable products. Due to extremely versatile nature of electrochemistry, electrochemical engineering penetrated a very broad range of chemical and physical processes. More specifically, it is involved in the design, development and maintenance of electrochemical reactors and processes. Electrochemical engineering is interdisciplinary field and in order to be successful, electrochemical engineer must have sound knowledge and skills in chemical engineering, chemistry, physics, mathematics, material science and engineering as well as in some specific areas such as eco-, biomedical and pharmaceutical engineering. This list is however not exhaustive.

The ESSEE6 is organized as a series of lectures delivered by highly prominent scientists in the field and covering in depth a wide range of topics. The topics include but are not limited to:

-        the principles of electrochemical engineering

-        fundamental aspects of electrode processes

-        electrochemical reactor design and modelling

-        electrochemical engineering in the development of electrochemical power sources (batteries, fuel cells and supercapacitors)

-        industrial electrochemistry

-        electrocatalysis

-        materials science and engineering (electrodes, catalysts, membranes…)

-        electrochemical engineering in the environmental protection

-        corrosion engineering

In addition to the main program of the School, a student’s workshop will be organized. The intention is to encourage the wide discussions on the topics of interest to students and to promote possible future cooperation. The students are advised to prepare the results of their work in the form of poster presentation.

Abstract submission for poster presentations: Students and other participants are asked to present their work in the form of the poster presentation. Abstracts for the poster presentation should be submitted by email to essee6@fkit.hr as an attachment, no later than July 01, 2012. The authors are kindly asked that in the preparation of their abstract use the template. The detailed explanation can be found in the Instructions for authors.

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